Nice training goes global and digital

Nice training goes global and digital

In these past exceptional months, we have experienced a complete digital transformation. Remote working has changed everybody’s communication flows, both personally and professionally. To create new opportunities for relationships, collaboration and information sharing, instant messaging and web conferencing tools have been essential. We accelerated technology diffusion and adoption in Nice, also thanks to integration with other business digital tools and platforms. We started exploiting more our digital skills, we replaced in-person trainings and meetings with virtual ones and we started webinars among us to help each other, learn from one another and present our new products.

Now, after a first successful round of webinars for our clients like the one made for the Italian market, we continue to stress the importance of online trainings. This time worldwide in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French. We are aware of the importance to keep direct contacts with our customers and the whole Nice community; We are still by your side using all the digital tools and technologies available. It is our intention to provide more value for your work. For this reason, we have created an Online Training plan divided by product group and language to fit your needs, wherever you are in the world.

Nice trainings available:

1.         MC82HR10 (basic)

2.         YUBI, CORE & BiDi-ZWave (basic)

3.         MC824HR10 (advanced practical)

4.         M/L BAR (advanced practical)

5.         WIDE R10 (advanced practical)

6.         YUBI, CORE & BiDi-ZWave (advanced practical)

To register, just access the following calendar and choose the lesson you want to participate to:


Key driver, enabler and facilitator of online trainings is technology. Especially, digital technologies which play a key role in facilitating and enabling new ways of sharing knowledge. We are committed in this direction with the final aim to grow with you, our Partners, by creating a proper digital training place and making it borderless:

Stay at home, stay safe, we offer the training!


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